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Centre Nautique de Crozon Morgat


CNCM is the perfect place for water sports. You can choose between the Morgat’s cove and its always-reachable body of water, protected from strong gales and streams, and the West beaches invigorating swell for daily surf sessions.

Our courses

Sailing : in 3 to 5 three-hour-courses, discover the pleasures of sailing with proper equipment. The purpose is to get as much joy as possible within the best safety conditions. The supervisor has graduated with a Federal Tutoring or a Professional Qualification Certificate. The program fits the group’s level and expectations, around three items: feelings - discovery - feat. Begins at 172€.

Surf : 5 classes of 2h30’ are enough for your child to blossom in the waves. Groups are made up of 8 children at most, and they take place on the most beautiful spots of the Crozon’s peninsula. A supervisor who graduated with the State Certificate is in charge of the class. In order to ensure the best sense of safety, the spot is chosen after checking the waves conditions. Begins at 189€ Surf courses

Kayak : during 3 to 5 three-hour-classes across the water, learn with fun the kayak’s fundamentals: discover the sea caves, the kayak polo… A federal instructor teaches directly in a kayak in order to be closer to you and supervise: far away from the noise pollution, enjoy a total renewal. The program fits the group’s level and expectations, around three items: feelings - discovery - feat. Begins at 181€. Kayak courses


Our discovery trips

Kayaking : discover the Douarnenez Bay far from the touristic routes with a graduated teacher. Ramble at the water’s edge, live the surprising landscape changes due to the tide phenomena. The sea caves of the Austell or the Devil with its chimney, and the Geologies' creek will reveal themselves according to the weather. In all cases, you will discover places reachable by kayak only, and your guide will know how to communicate his passion for the nautical environment, its fauna, its history and legends, and the fossils. 28€ per adult, 14€ children. kayak

Paddling : stand up is open to everyone and allows you to discover the joys of paddling on the water. You will leave the harbor to discover the bay’s caves’ fauna and the environment's richness while paddling with the wind. This is a pleasure accessible for everyone, and it offers a guaranteed renewal in a magnificent natural environment. The boards are very stable and you can slip along the bay’s calm waters in a fun way. Let’s go for a trip guided by a teacher as soon as you are comfortable with the paddling techniques. You will enjoy slipping downwind on the Bay. 2h30 30€ per person. Stand up Paddle

Sailing : load on the Ker Atao, a 10 meter sail boat to discover the Douarnenez’s Bay with a qualified teacher. You will enjoy the magnificent landscapes while having a truly relaxing moment in a protected and rested site. Family friendly, you can get initiated to sailing maneuvers, and even participate with them. In rewards for your implication, you will be served a local products appetizer. 1h30 28€ per adult 14€ children. Sail Boat 

Our holidays center

Send your child to Postofort and offer him exceptional holidays. He will live a great stay in our accommodations that present all the best assets. In a summer camp mood, your child will choose the activities he wants to practice the following day. At sea (catamaran, windsurf, mini sailing cruise, kayak or paddle) or ashore (multiple activities, beach games, fishing), he organizes his stay as he wishes. For a more physical stay, give your child an option (surf, dinghy, tennis, hiking) he will practice every morning.

Holidays center

Our renting space

Rent an embarcation at the Point Passion Plage: (kayak, dinghy, catamaran, windsurf, stand up paddle) without any constraint. We prepare the boat on the sea edge before your arrival and furnish all the safety equipment (suit, life jacket, harness). Experts are here to advise you and recall you navigation basis, safety rules, and show you the authorized navigation area.

Rent space


European Championships Laser 4.7 2016

European Championships Laser 4.7 - Crozon 2016 - from July 2 to 9 2016

The CNCM organizes the Europeans championships of Laser 4.7 2016. This competition will occur from 2 July until 9 July 2016 and will get 400 young laserists together, from all over Europe!

More information:

Ocean Racing 2016 French Championship

The Naval Academy Grand Prix 2016 - (GPEN) 2016


Past events

Hibiscus Party 8

Hibiscus Party 8 runs from 26-28 December 2015 on the Crozon peninsula. Several spots are likely to receive riders and spectators. Those spots are Goulien, La Palue, Kerziguenou, Kerloc’h or the Aber. It is the last competition of the year, joining enthusiasts and professionals from all over France. The favourite discipline is windsurfing, but according to the weather, it is possible to get an event of surfing or stand up paddle surfing start.

Hibiscus Party is a competition of expression. Groups of 4 or 5 riders (drawn at the first round) compete before a jury, composed of 3 persons, during a “heat” which lasts 10-15 minutes. The participants are evaluated on several criteria defined before the beginning of each heat, namely the number of jumps, as well as creativity, technicality and sequence of movements. The progress in the ranking is direct and no re-taking is allowed.

Criteria in surfing and stand up paddle surfing rankings are nearly the same, except for the length of heat which is longer in windsurfing.

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